All Things Valentine or Not

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. As is evitable, all couples must be feeling the pressure to impress their partners with their gifts, claiming their love and ensuring there happily ever after. But is it true? A Happily Ever after? Sounds cheesy, right? Well as for me there is no happily ever after.

It is just like another day of your life which comes and goes on its own time. One might claim that it is the memories made on this day that are important. But I have an argument for that as well. Do people really think that the memories made in one single day matter for the rest of our lives? I don’t think so. For me, memories are made each day and each moment of our lives. We are the ones that keep those memories hidden in our minds and let them out only when we need them. Well needless to say that our memories play an important role in reminding us about what is most important in our lives. They remind us of the love, compassion, pain, regret and all other kinds of emotions that we feel for others or with others.

Now coming back on track, all I want to say to all beautiful and amazing couples out there is that love your partners every day. Make everyday special for them and create memories with them every moment you are with them. Love the person you like to make memories with, don’t just love the memories you have made. Love the person you want to spend your time with, don’t love the time you spent together. Celebrate Valentine’s Day every single day you spend with someone you love and don’t sit around waiting for only one day of the year to celebrate love. Celebrate LOVE with your VALENTINE EVERYDAY. Businessinfy wishes you happy Valenine Day.

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