How to teach spellings to a child

As every child is special so to make them learn is a difficult task for parents, teachers and every one. But there are some unique ways you can lean to make your child learn very quickly and effectively. Today We are at going to make you learn.

Spell out every word

Spell out every word. This might sound funny, but works for sure. For instance, when you hand out an apple to your child, make sure you spell out the word like, “Here is an A-P-P-L-E, apple for you.” This will help her build, object-word coordination and also memorise spellings.

The game way

Indulge in fun games. If you think she’s too young for scrabble, spelling bee, or crossword puzzles, you could indulge her in a game for finding words, word building (she has to know the letter in which the previous word ends to start a new word, so that’s going to teach her spellings too), Name, Place, Animal, Thing, etc.

Do not shame

Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, be patient and teach her the same spellings again and again. Do not shame or punish her if she gets it wrong after being taught a few times.

Keep trying and go at her pace

She might learn a few spellings fast, and a few others (which seem relatively simple) might take time. That’s normal, so do not pressurize her and let her learn at her own pace.

Make it all fun

Make her look forward to learning spellings. The best way to start is by teaching her to spell out her name, followed by the spelling of everyone in the family, her favourite cartoons, food, toys, etc. This will keep her motivated to learn more. You could also encourage her to spell out by asking her “how do you think this word has to be spelled.” Be friendly and not authoritative while you teach her.

Read a lot

Read out bedtime stories to her from a very young age, and encourage her to read as well. This will increase her inclination towards learning spellings and words faster. But make sure you do not make it seem like a chore that she cannot escape.


Encourage her to spell out words, write them down, play games that involve spellings, and everything else that will get her to practice what she’s learned. Add a mix of activities so that she doesn’t end up doing the same thing all day, and end up hating the language and the task of learning spellings.

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