Trump to meet with Kim Jong un in singapore on 12th June 2018

History will be created  at Singapore when Trump to meet with Kim Jong un in Singapore on 12th June 2018 .This much awaited meeting planning form last month now has come to a definite date and place. President Trump twits and announce this date and place of the meeting.

Trump to meet with Kim Jong un in singapore on 12th June 2018

The President tweeted, “We will both try to make it a very special moment for World Peace!”

Trump and  Kim Jong Un plan to discuss nuclear weapons, trade sanctions and other issues during the sit-down. All eyes will be at this meeting during this because this meeting is coming after such a high tension between two countries and the it ‘s also much important for the global point of view.

Recently both south and north Korean President comes to a common plat form to declare the end of the war. After that the world look at the North Korea in a better way. Kim Jong Un recently visited 2 times to the china to discuss with this matter and seeks support form china.

Trump Says He’ll Meet With Kim Jong Un June 12 in Singapore

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo  recently traveled to Pyongyang twice to meet with Kim ,in a precursor to the Trump-Kim meeting. Pompeo returned overnight with three captive Americans during his most recent trip.  So after this all hard word finally the date has been announced for the Meeting of Trump with Kim Jong-un. We at Businessinfy wish better results for the world.


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